Your Antibiotics Are Making You Fat!

New study adds weight gain to the long list of unwanted effects of antibiotics

Antibiotics are certainly one of the most effective drugs that have ever been developed. They do have a valid place in modern medical practice. In fact, they very often achieve their desired effect of killing bacteria in your body.  However, since Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin in 1928, the discovery of additional unwanted effects of antibiotics has continued at a rapid pace. This week, we learned of a new one – antibiotics are making you fat!

It has become clear to many people that the adverse effects of antibiotics out weigh their potential benefits. Despite the fact that many medical doctors tend to extremely over-prescribe them, many people (this author included) have chosen to avoid them all together. Instead, we have discovered many natural foods and substances that have antibiotic properties. As well, I choose to focus on lifestyle and nutrition that naturally allows my immune system to fight infection, making antibiotic drugs completely unnecessary. 

Your Antibiotics Are Making You Fat, Numb, Paralyzed, Deaf and More….

The New York Times reported on this new study as you will read below. Unfortunately, unwanted effects of antibiotic drugs are nothing new. Just a couple years ago, it was discovered certain antibiotics can – and often do – cause serious nerve damage. This nerve damage can cause permanent pain, numbness or even paralysis. This article – New FDA Warning: Certain Antibiotics Linked to Serious Nerve Damage – provides more details, as well as, many natural alternatives you can use to avoid antibiotic drugs.

In this article about caring for ear infections without using antibiotics, I discussed more of the potential damaging effects of these drugs. I also discussed my personal experience with antibiotic drugs, which contributed to my son’s loss of hearing at birth.

The use and abuse of these drugs has resulted many dangerous effects. To make matters worse, the FDA has failed to properly reform regulations regarding their use. It is up to you, the consumer, to educate yourself, learn to protect yourself, and discover healthy and natural alternatives.

So, read this new information. Then empower yourself by following the links above. Do your own research and learn how you can defeat disease and achieve great health without these drugs.

Frequent Antibiotics May Make Children Fatter

Children who regularly use antibiotics gain weight faster than those who have never taken the drugs, according to new research that suggests childhood antibiotics may have a lasting effect on body weight well into adulthood.

The study, published in the International Journal of Obesity, examined the electronic medical records of 163,820 children ages 3 to 18, counting antibiotic prescriptions, body weight and height. The records, which covered pediatric exams from 2001 through 2012, showed that one in five — over 30,000 children — had been prescribed antibiotics seven or more times. By the time those children reached age 15, they weighed, on average, about 3 pounds more than children who had received no antibiotics.

While earlier studies have suggested a link between antibiotics and childhood weight gain, they typically have relied on a mother’s memories of her child’s antibiotic use. The new research is significant because it’s based on documented use of antibiotics in a child’s medical record.

“Not only did antibiotics contribute to weight gain at all ages, but the contribution of antibiotics to weight gain gets stronger as you get older,” said Dr. Brian S. Schwartz, the first author and a professor in the department of environmental health sciences at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Scientists have known for years that antibiotic use promotes weight gain in livestock, which is why large food producers include low doses of antibiotics in the diets of their animals.

While researchers don’t know exactly why frequent use of antibiotics is associated with weight gain in children, it may be that the drugs wipe out the healthy bacteria in a child’s body. These may lead to permanent changes in the microbiome — the many and varied organisms that live in our gut. Shifts in the microbiome may change how food is broken down in our bodies, how food is absorbed and how many calories are released from foods.

In July, a study of nearly 10,000 Danish schoolchildren found that a mother’s use of antibiotics during pregnancy was associated with a higher risk that her child would become overweight or obese.

The latest study linking frequent antibiotic use and weight gain doesn’t mean that parents should never give a child these medications. Some bacterial illnesses can be life-threatening without antibiotic treatment. However, researchers have documented that parents often want — and pressure pediatricians to give them — antibiotic prescriptions for ear infections and viruses that can’t be helped by the drugs.

For years the main concern about the overprescribing of antibiotics has been the fear that the drugs would eventually lose their effectiveness as bacteria develop drug resistance. The new research opens the door to a potential new strategy for curbing antibiotic use, warning parents that overuse has an immediate detrimental effect on a child’s health and puts them at risk for becoming fat.

“We’ve got to totally dissuade parents from advocating for antibiotics,’’ said Dr. Schwartz. “As parents we want to feel like we’re doing something active for our kids, but I think we’re doing our kids damage. If your doctor says you don’t need them, don’t take them. ”

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