Wellness Achiever Principles

What Is Wellness?

Simply put, Wellness is a different way of living.  In our modern society, we are prone to developing all sorts of disease and illness. These are reasonable consequences of our lifestyles. We set ourselves up for disease. The standard American lifestyle includes an abundance of processed and nutrient depleted foods, little to no exercise, abundant toxic chemicals, extremely stressful jobs, difficult and negative personal relationships, and no spiritual connectedness. These physical, chemical, and emotional stresses are the root cause of all our disease. Most often, we choose to treat the resulting symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs or other medical procedures. If you are a little more health savvy, you may choose alternative medicine. However, if we continually refuse to change our LIFESTYLE, we will continually experience disease and its symptoms. Regardless of how we treat them (traditional vs. alternative medicine), we will continue to live with them. We will never gain optimum health or achieve true wellness.

We must consciously choose a different lifestyle. The Wellness Achiever Principles are all about your LIFESTYLE. Choosing the standard American lifestyle is choosing disease. Choosing a Wellness Achiever lifestyle is choosing optimum health and vibrant wellness. A wellness lifestyle includes vibrant and nutrient rich foods, sufficient effective exercise, non-toxic choices, proper stress and time management, proper sleep, positive relationships, and spiritual connections. This lifestyle supports fantastic health and honors the innate healing of your body. A wellness lifestyle prevents disease and illness from ever developing. A wellness lifestyle counteracts the negative stresses that we are exposed to everyday. It includes many positive stresses that produce great health. The Wellness Achiever lifestyle removes and prevents interference from your body’s own innate healing power.

Wellness can be generally defined as a condition of optimal physical, mental, and spiritual well being. It is a combination of your physical health, your mental outlook, and your spiritual life. These three principles are interconnected. They each have a direct impact on the others and all three must be optimized in order to fully achieve wellness.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is far more than just how you feel physically.  It is more than just a measure of your health that can be quantified in numbers such as blood pressure, pulse, height, weight, and body mass index. It is about how well your physical body functions and heals.

The functioning of your body is ultimately controlled by your nervous system. Your nervous system is responsible for controlling and coordinating the function and healing of every organ, tissue and cell of your body. Your body’s ability to assimilate the essential nutrients from your diet is dependent upon an optimally functioning nervous system. Your body’s abilities to burn fat and build muscle, to detoxify, to build a healthy heart are all dependent on the proper flow of nerve energy from your brain to those organs and tissues.

An optimized nervous system supercharges the other aspects of your physical wellness.  Your body also require optimal nutrition in order to build healthy cells every day,  physical exercise to deliver oxygen to every cell of your body, and daily habits that prevent and remove toxicity from your life.

Mental Wellness

Your mindset  affects every aspect of your well being. Maintaining a Wellness Mindset is vital to achieving wellness. The thoughts you think have the ability to catapult you to success and amazing levels of wellness. However, your thoughts can also destroy your mindset, preventing you from ever reaching success in life and crippling your efforts to achieve wellness.

Your mental wellness is governed by your thought patterns, your self talk, your mental outlook, as well as your interpersonal relationships.

Spiritual Wellness

Ultimately, we are spiritual beings.  In addition to achieving wellness in our physical and mental states, spiritual wellness is a vital component of a wellness lifestyle as well. People who live a life apart from God are, spiritually speaking, the walking dead.

We can be awakened to God spiritually and we can walk in perfect relationship with God – in perfect spiritual wellness, if you will.  This; however, cannot be achieved by our own efforts.  It literally takes an act of God!

I believe that this is a vital aspect to our overall wellness.  In order to fully achieve a state of overall wellness, we must be made alive (spiritually) unto God through Jesus Christ!