Watch out for nasty global flu pandemic surprises, WHO warns

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Reuters Health, Friday Feb 27, 2015

LONDON, Feb 27 – The world remains highly vulnerable to a possible severe flu pandemic and governments should increase surveillance, vigilance and preparedness, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday.

“Nothing about influenza is predictable – including where the next pandemic might emerge and which virus might be responsible,” the United Nations health agency warned.

It said the world was fortunate that the last flu pandemic, caused by H1N1 swine flu in 2009/2010, was relatively mild, but added: “Such good fortune is no precedent”.

In a seven-page report on flu, WHO said that on many levels, the world is better prepared now than ever before for a flu pandemic. The level of alert is high, it said, and there is better surveillance of flu viruses in both animals and humans.

In 2014, the WHO’s Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System, made up of 142 laboratories in 112 countries, tested more than 1.9 million clinical specimens.

“By keeping a close watch over the volatile world of influenza viruses, these laboratories operate as a sensitive early warning system.”

Under the heading “Warning: Be prepared for surprises”, WHO praised progress in virological research that had increased capability to detect, understand and assess new viruses for pandemic risk, and to track their international spread.

But it said this needed to be stepped up.

“More (research and development) is needed to develop better vaccines and shorten the production time,” it said, adding that during a severe pandemic, many people would die in the three to four months currently needed to make effective vaccines.

“An influenza pandemic is the most global of infectious disease events currently known. It is in every country’s best interests to prepare.” Read the rest of the this article here.

Understanding the Flu, Flu Pandemic Scare and the Flu Shot

Did you know that the the CDC, WHO and vaccine manufacturers consistently and drastically over-inflate flu related death statistics? All the while, these same corporations – with the legal backing and protection of government organizations – continually and tragically under report the flu vaccine-related deaths and side effects.

This is the annual tactic used for a flu pandemic scare. You have not even been provided with accurate facts necessary for you to make an informed decision for you and your children. Read The Shocking Truth About Flu Deaths and the Flu Shot to discover the truth for yourself.

The plain facts concerning the dangers of the influenza vaccine are suppressed every year by vaccine manufacturers and the media. Mary Tocco, independent vaccine researcher and natural health expert, reports the truth here: Influenza Vaccine Facts They Don’t Wont You To Know!

There are many reasons to be weary of the flu shot. Reviewing the scientific evidence, one is led to the conclusion that the flu shot is actually more dangerous than the flu itself. This popular Wellness Achiever post lists 20 reasons why.

Wellness Solutions for the Flu

Now that you have educated yourself about the false scare tactics used by the media, the government and Big Pharma, what can you do about it? Your next step is to discover how to empower yourself for great health naturally. You are designed with an immune system that is fully capable of destroying the flu virus (all of them) all by itself.

However, there are environmental factors, as well as, physical, emotional and nutritional stresses that can interfere with this innate ability of your body. Learn about these and how to build a flu proof immune system in this Wellness Achiever resource article.

This article reveals the tactics necessary to fortify your immune system so that you can prevent and overcome not only the flu but any viral infection. Throughout history, this flu-fighting technique has proven most useful for flu prevention. In fact, it was the unsung hero of the 1918 flu pandemic.

Additionally, here are 20 Surprising Ways to Prevent Colds and Flu that were published on We break them down to investigate the validity of each so that you will know the truth and understand the most effective techniques.

The flu pandemic scare tactics will, undoubtedly, continue every year in order to boost sales of the flu vaccines. It is a huge industry. Nonetheless, you do not have to fear the flu! You do not have to be sick.  Understand that you have been designed to be well!

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