Dangers of Cortisone Injections

A Cortisone injection is a commonly prescribed treatment for people with chronic joint pain such as neck pain, low back pain, hip pain and shoulder pain. It is also commonly prescribed for nerve pain problems such as sciatica. Simply because a treatment is commonly prescribed; however, does not mean that it is safe.

Cortisone Injections

Photo by Army Medicine

Certainly, no medical procedure is without potential side effects. Sometimes, medical drugs achieve their desired effect; however, there is always at least one undesirable co-effect for the patient to contend with. All medical drugs have side effects, many of which are extremely dangerous and can be worse than the symptom that the drug is intended to treat. Some side effects are even life threatening. Cortisone injections are no exception.

Do Drugs Heal?

Are you taking drugs for high blood pressure or cholesterol? You are certainly not alone. Heart disease strikes over 81 million and is responsible for one out of every three deaths (American Heart Association). Drugs are the most common treatment choice. Hypertension, high blood pressure, is a form of heart disease and it increases your risk for heart attack and stroke.  This is a very dangerous problem that affects many people and has ended many lives far too early.  If you have high blood pressure, or are unsure, your question should be – why do I have high blood pressure and how can my body heal from high blood pressure?