Why Cardiologists are Dead Wrong About Obamacare

Obamacare was championed by American Heart Association cardiologists last week. You need to understand why this support is bad for your heart health. They applauded the ‘preventive care’ services and the greater access to healthcare offered by Obamacare. However, this greater access to faux preventive care will only lead to more deaths from heart disease and strokes. Time will tell that Obamacare cannot save your heart health!

Obamacare - cardiologists on wrong side

How to Escape the Coming Firestorm of Obamacare

Healthcare Firestorm

There is a firestorm coming that will destroy our healthcare system as we know it. In fact, there are presently many fires raging in our healthcare system. We have skyrocketing healthcare costs. We have ever-soaring rates of chronic disease. Even worse, these chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer now start in early childhood. We have a medical system that is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

These raging fires are growing worse and will soon accumulate into one massive firestorm that will destroy the entire system. Worse yet, rather than stifling the flames, the continued roll out of Obamacare has only added fuel to the fire. Unless you take personal responsibility for your own health care and begin to radically shift your lifestyle, then you will likely be consumed by the flames.

5 Health Care Myths Exposed

What do the American Health Care system and Unicorns have in common? They are both mythical creatures! Our health care system does little to care for our health. In fact, it is not a health care system, it is a sick care system! Here are several examples to help you understand how to move past disease management and into real healing.

Health Care Myths

As a physician, I have had to face the bleak realities of our broken health care system for many years. It is crippled by design. For my patients to move past managing illness and achieve true healing, they have to understand these health care myths and know what a real health care system actually looks like.

ObamaCare Is About Money Not Health; Implied Obama

President Obama has been increasingly ramping up his campaigning efforts for his ObamaCare healthcare plan. The Obama administration expects to fully realize their dream of ‘affordable healthcare’ by 2014. However, there is not much in this gargantuan bill about caring for our health. Several key provisions of ObamaCare have been pushed backed. Delayed provisions, such as the employer mandate and the caps on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, have more to do with economic implications than they do with actual health care.

Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This weekend, Obama used his weekly radio/YouTube address to bolster support for ObamaCare while demeaning those in congress working against his efforts. It has been continually obvious from President Obama’s message that ObamaCare has nothing to do with real health care. This weekend’s address was no exception.