6 Metabolism Destroying Foods; What Not To Eat

Is your metabolism shot? Are you constantly looking for the latest metabolism boosters just to get you through the day? Does it seem like you can never lose weight? If so, then your first step to transforming your metabolism and supercharging your fat burning is to eliminate these 6 metabolism destroying foods.

Metabolism Destroying Foods

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Ineffective and Dangerous Metabolism Boosters

There are many products that claim to boost your metabolism but yield no health benefits or, worse yet, actually deteriorate your health. Diet pills and energy drinks are major offenders in this category. These products may actually boost your metabolism but they have detrimental side effects, ranging from chronic fatigue to liver failure and even heart attacks. This temporary metabolic boost is definitely not worth this trade off!

Others, like diet sodas, caffeinated drinks and black coffee, are also promoted as natural metabolism boosters. However, they are actually anti-nutrients that deplete your body’s vitamin stores and cause adrenal fatigue. This combination of effects leads to a state of chronic fatigue that seemingly, cannot be overcome. While you may enjoy the occasional cup of coffee without destroying your health, it is a mistake to rely on the regular use of coffee to boost your metabolism.

Top 6 Metabolism Destroying Foods


Sugar and its many variations (refined sugar, fructose, high fructose corn syrup) tops the list of inflammatory foods. It should be eliminated completely. You will find that these hidden sugars are even in many of your condiments, such as ketchup. Make sure you read the labels.

Refined Grains

White flour, white rice, cereals, breads, biscuits, pastas, and pastries all either contain sugar or will be quickly converted to sugar in your body once they are consumed. They must be eliminated. Once inflammation is balanced and your metabolism is reset, you can re-introduce healthy, whole grains, but never refined grains. They are devoid of any nutrients.

Common Cooking Oils

Canola oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, Crisco®, safflower oil, and sunflower oil. These oils are often highly processed and unrecognizable to your body as food. They also tend to be chemically unstable and will easily break down causing inflammation and sluggish metabolism.

Dairy Products

All commercially produced dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese, and yogurt are generally inflammatory as well. They are processed and pasteurized (heated at very high temperatures). This process is what destroys the protein, fat, and calcium that dairy is often promoted for. Raw, organic dairy products may be okay in moderation. However, your body has no nutritional need for them and it is best that you eliminate them completely. Dairy is also found in many other foods: such as bread, cakes, cookies, crackers, cream sauces, and boxed cereals.

Commercially Raised Meat/Animals

All beef, pork, poultry and fish sold in typical supermarkets or restaurants are raised in a manner that causes toxins to build up in the meat and fats of these animals. These commercial animal raising practices also deplete all healthy fats from these animals. Additionally, they are given a steady supply of antibiotics and steroid hormones. When you consume these animals, you are consuming those toxins, antibiotics, and hormones as well without getting any of the healthy omega-3 fats that should be there. This has a toxic effect and causes havoc with your body’s own hormone production and metabolism.

Artificial Food Additives

MSG (and its many labeling alternatives), artificial colors, artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners are the most prevalent. These are chemicals that are made in a lab and they require a lab to break them down. They do not belong in food or in your body as they cannot be digested and will create toxicity and inflammation. These toxic chemicals definitely BUST your metabolism!

Where To Go From Here

In addition to conditioning your metabolism through nutrition, it is vitally important that you are exercising correctly as well. Doing too much of the wrong type of exercise will cause inflammation to increase and actually cause you to store fat and gain weight. While maximizing the right kind of exercise will balance inflammation and condition your metabolism so that you burn fat and exude youthfulness.

To learn how to reset your metabolism through mental focus, your nutrition and the right kind of exercise so that you can eliminate inflammation, burn fat, and achieve the healthy, youthful body of your dreams, watch your inbox for the release of the Wellness Achiever Metabolic Reset Plan.


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