Healing Should Be Logical (Not make you worse)

Michael Painfree
May 2, 2014

We need to drastically re-think the way that we treat disease, especially regarding cancer. Healing and homeostasis is the natural state of the human body. It is logical. However, the vast majority of traditional cancer treatments do not honor the concept of innate healing and are illogical. This article discusses some great concepts that will challenge the way you view treatment of cancer and other disease.

As Thomas Pychon said, “if you can get people to ask the wrong question, the answer does not matter”. That is the case with cancer and most diseases. With cancer and most diseases, you must treat the person, the whole person, the body ecology, if you are to have success and restore homeostasis. If your doctor says “take this drug”, you should ask “what part of my body function does it replace, improve, or fix”. The answer to this will clarify your decision process.

Cancer’s treatments current goal, albeit, misguided, is “I want my doctor to shrink the tumor until it disappears”. Caveat: If you get people to set the wrong goal, the result doesn’t matter.”

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