FDA Fails With New Antibiotic Recommendations

The FDA last week(1) published new recommendations for antibiotics. However, this can simply be added to the FDA’s list of fails for the health of the American people. These new recommendations will allow for the continued destruction of health for the average American. Unfortunately, most people will never even realize this because the media headlines incorrectly reported that the FDA will phase out some antibiotic use. Further, the new recommendations are for antibiotic use in animal production.

FDA Antibiotic Recommendations

If you happened to see the news stories, you were led to believe that the FDA has recognized the danger and abuse of antibiotic use in livestock animals. However, the FDA is simply trying to save some face. They know that there is a huge problem with the overuse of antibiotics – in animals and humans. This has led to the development of several antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

These superbugs can infect humans and cannot be killed with traditional antibiotic drugs because they have developed resistance. This is similar (though not exactly) to what happens in your body when you are repeatedly exposed to a drug, a pain drug for example. Eventually, your body will become ‘immune’ to the effects of the drug. Then your doctor has to prescribe a different kind of pain drug. Your body will no longer respond to that entire class of drugs.

I have written about the fact that bacteria and viruses are not the cause of disease. See this article about building a flu-proof Immune System. Bacteria and viruses simply take advantage of their environment. If your body is ‘sick’ due to years of poor lifestyle choices, then you will be susceptible to infection. However, if you are well, your immune system will successfully fight off and kill bacteria and viruses. In many cases, you will not even know that you were exposed to them. Researchers have shown that antibiotics are vastly over prescribed and not needed in most cases.

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However, there may be rare times when your immune system is severely compromised and antibiotics are necessary to save your life. In such a case, you’ll need a drug that is effective. If the bacterial infection you succumb to is resistant to antibiotics, then your life is in severe danger.

How These FDA Antibiotic Recommendations Fail

The FDA, while noting the problem of antibiotic overuse, has not issued a moratorium on antibiotic use in livestock. Rather, they have merely recommended that pharmaceutical companies stop labeling their antibiotic drugs for the use of growth enhancement in animals. Further, this is a voluntary recommendation. There are no requirements for drug companies to stop selling these drugs for this use. Why should they? These drugs represent huge profits for them.

The antibiotic drugs in questions can still be used to ‘prevent’ and treat disease in animals. Conventional animals raised for human consumption, are raised in extremely tight and filthy environments that encourage disease and bacterial growth. Unless modern animal farming practices are drastically overhauled, antibiotic drug use will be necessary to prevent animals from dying before they can be taken to the market.

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Pharmaceutical companies are also given over three years to comply. Those who do choose to comply are given three months to inform the FDA and then three years for full implementation. This just makes it look as if the FDA is forcing pharmaceutical companies to stop selling antibiotics for animals. However, it is merely an empty threat.  

The recommendations only affects antibiotic drugs used for human and animal populations. The same drugs have been used for both humans and animals merely out of convenience. However, there is nothing preventing pharmaceutical companies from developing new drugs for animal use only without these label restrictions. The drugs will have a different name but the same effects and the same end result.

The bottom line is that the FDA has issued these recommendations knowing that they will have no real affect on the problem. Antibiotic drugs will continue to be overused in animal practices and over prescribed for people. The problem of antibiotic resistance will continue.   

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The Bigger Healthcare Picture

Antibiotics are drugs and just like any other class of drugs, they come with severe and potentially deadly side effects. Drugs are simply designed to treat symptoms of disease. Whether used for animals or humans, they will never produce health. Drug treatment has been a huge part of our healthcare system for many years yet we have only become more and more sick. We have more cancer, more heart disease and more diabetes. Drugs will never bring about health!

The good news is that your body is designed to heal itself. It doesn’t need any help to heal, it simply needs no interference. Make better lifestyle choices today for a healthier, drug-free tomorrow!

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