Do Drugs Heal?

Are you taking drugs for high blood pressure or cholesterol? You are certainly not alone. Heart disease strikes over 81 million and is responsible for one out of every three deaths (American Heart Association). Drugs are the most common treatment choice. Hypertension, high blood pressure, is a form of heart disease and it increases your risk for heart attack and stroke.  This is a very dangerous problem that affects many people and has ended many lives far too early.  If you have high blood pressure, or are unsure, your question should be – why do I have high blood pressure and how can my body heal from high blood pressure?

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Does Disease Result From A Lack Of Drugs?

Does high blood pressure come from a lack of drugs in your body?  Of course it does not.  In many cases anti-hypertensive drugs do lower blood pressure.  But do those drugs heal your body?  Well, even when they work, they also always cause unwanted effects including: weight gain, dizziness, impotence, numbness, tingling, back pain, headaches, chest pain, seizures, and even death! (  That does not sound like healing does it? The obvious truth is that ant-hypertensive drugs – just like all drugs – do not and can not heal.  In fact, they are only designed to chemically alter your body in order to reverse, or cover up, the symptoms.  It is this same chemical alteration of your body that also causes the damaging side effects as well.

Healing High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

In reality, there are many factors that raise blood pressure; however, it is your nervous system that ultimately controls your blood pressure, along with every other function of your body.  Damaged nerves in your spine – subluxation – cause blood pressure to rise dangerously high.  Medical research, reported in the Journal of Human Hypertension, demonstrates that specific chiropractic adjustments significantly lower high blood pressure without any damaging side effects.  According to the medical doctor overseeing the research:

 “This procedure has the effect of not one, but two blood-pressure medications given in combination and it seems to be adverse event free.  We saw no side effects and no problems.” George Bakris, M.D. (

Your Body Was Created To Heal Itself 

Drugs are not designed to heal you; therefore, they cannot heal you.  However, your body was created to heal itself.  In fact, your body is a healing machine!  Think of a cut on your hand.  What do you have to do to make it heal? Absolutely nothing!  You simply have to prevent any interference (such as dirt and debris) with your body’s inborn/innate healing process and the cut heals on its own.  This healing happens in every cell of your body.  Your body doesn’t need any help in order to heal – it only needs no interference.  Remove the interference from your diet, thought patterns, and especially your nervous system and your body will heal 100%.

The Wellness Achiever Solution

Every chiropractic adjustment you receive removes nervous system interference and improves healing.  Adopting a whole-person Wellness Lifestyle removes and prevents interference in every area of your life.  Make Wellness your way of life and watch your body heal just as it was created to do!

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