Why You Do Not Want the Cure for Disease

The cure for any disease seems to be quite mythical. We assume that medical research is sincerely searching for a cure for many diseases such as cancer. Yet, to this day, there has never been a drug that has cured anything. In fact, the use of the word cure has drastically declined over the last hundred years. Not only will you never find a cure for disease, you do not even want a cure for disease!

Cure for Disease

Ask yourself which you prefer: a cure or a healing? Is it better to fight and conquer disease or to support the innate healing of your body? In the vast majority of cases, disease is not a foreign invader. Rather, it is an abnormal response of your own body. Fighting disease is fighting your own body. It is counterproductive to real health.

You do not want a cure. You need healing. Healing is not a mystical concept. It is the natural state of the human body. Your body is designed to heal itself.

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Cure versus Healing

Defining a Cure

Here are a couple of definitions of a cure to help make it more clear.

  • To relieve a person of the symptoms of a disease or condition. As in, “he was cured of the disease”.

  • To eliminate a disease, condition, or injury with medical treatment. As in, “this technology could be used to cure diabetes”.

Defining Healing

Just as dramatically as the use of the word cure has declined, the use of the word heal has soared over the last hundred years. It is a more modern concept. It is a more correct description of what is necessary to attain real health. To heal is defined this way.

  • A person or treatment to cause a wound, injury, or person to become sound or healthy again. As in, “his concern is to heal sick people”.

  • To become sound or healthy again.

  • To correct or put right (an undesirable situation).

This chart summarizes the main differences between these two often confused, yet very different concepts.

Cure Healing



It is focused on the symptoms of the disease

It is focused on the whole person

Treats the condition from the outside in

Addresses the condition from the inside out

It is reactionary and treats symptoms

It addresses the cause of the condition, not just the symptoms

Assumes that the body/person is broken or limited

Presupposes that innate restorative ability of the body, seeks to remove interference

Tends to be limited in effect and is temporary

Tends to be long lasting, often permanent

It is often associated with a product, like a drug or a medical procedure

It is often associated with food, exercise, and lifestyle

It can be patented, as in the case of a drug

It cannot be patented

It usually comes with many unwanted side effects that can make the cure worse than the condition

It usually comes with many desirable side benefits that make the body more vibrant and healthy overall

Now, let’s look at some real world examples of curing a disease versus healing the body.

Cancer: Cure or Heal?

Curing Cancer

A cure for cancer does not exist. (There are many natural remedies that offer cures for cancer but they really fit more in the realm of healing rather than cure). The closest that medicine has to a cure for cancer is radical chemotherapy, surgery and radiation treatment to extend life by a mere five years. If this five year mark is attained, it is called a “cure”. In other words, if you survive the toxic effects of chemotherapy for more than five years, then you are considered to be cured of cancer.

Healing Cancer

There is healing for cancer. If we start with the idea that the body can innately heal and we seek out and remove all interference to that innate healing, we will see the body heal from the inside out. We will see the person become sound and healthy again.

Sometimes that interference exists in stressed nerves, sometimes it is in a toxic buildup in the body, sometimes it is in the absence of healing nutrients. Addressing this interference allows healing of cancer to progress naturally.

Heart Disease: Cure or Heal?

Curing Heart Disease

The cure for heart disease is based on defining what the disease is. For example, in many cases heart disease is assumed to be high cholesterol. In most cases, high cholesterol can be cured by statin drugs. Statin drugs are very effective at ‘eliminating the disease’ of high cholesterol. However, while this may cure the cholesterol problem,statin drugs do not prevent death due to heart attacks and stroke. In fact, in many cases, when the high cholesterol is ‘cured’, the risk of death is actually increased! Curing high cholesterol does not equate to curing heart disease.

Healing Heart Disease

Cholesterol is not the disease. Cholesterol is a naturally occurring, healthy fat that your body requires to build and repair healthy cells, as well as, many hormones. When it is lowered artificially, your body will continue to produce more. Lowering cholesterol does not address the cause of heart disease. This is why curing high cholesterol does not prevent death from heart disease.

There is healing for heart disease. First, we must identify the interference and remove it. The primary source of interference to healing heart disease is inflammation. Imbalanced and elevated Inflammation creates and worsens injuries. It damages the cells of the coronary arteries. Cholesterol serves to heal this damage caused by inflammation. However, the constant aggravation of the inflammatory response prevents this from happening. As a result, the cholesterol becomes oxidized and leads to plaque development or hardening of the arteries.

When the inflammation is brought back into balance, cholesterol is able to do its job properly. With the interference removed, cholesterol heals the damaged cells of the arteries, correcting the cause of the problem. The heart is returned to sound health again. It is healed.

Diabetes: Cure or Heal?

Curing Diabetes

There is no cure for diabetes. There are, however, ‘curative’ drugs for diabetes. Drugs, such as Metformin, treat different aspects of blood sugar metabolism in order to ‘cure’ high blood sugar. When these entry level drugs no longer work, the diabetic patient graduates to a synthetic insulin drug. While it may be more effective at treating high blood sugar, insulin is still an outside in approach that only addresses the symptom and not the cause of the problem.

Healing Diabetes

There is healing for diabetes. The healing starts with the realization that diabetes is not a disease. It is a syndrome (a collection of symptoms) characterized by a malfunctioning metabolic and endocrine (hormone) system. In order to heal diabetes, you must return normal function to your metabolic and endocrine systems.

In diabetes, the hormones insulin, leptin and cortisol are out of balance. As a result, sugar metabolism is interfered with. There is that word again – interference. How do you remove this interference to normal sugar metabolism? This is accomplished by reconditioning the metabolic system.

For example, an old car that been neglected and left sitting in the sun for forty years doesn’t simply need a new coat of paint in order to restore it to working condition. While this may make it look nicer, it will not run any better because we have not reconditioned it. We haven’t lifted the hood and tuned up the engine or charged the battery. This old car needs a full reconditioning to restore normal function. Once it is reconditioned, it can run just like it did forty years ago.

Likewise, your forty year old body can be made to look good with medication, cosmetics and nice clothing but without a full metabolic reconditioning, it will not perform any better. The heart of metabolic conditioning is stimulating a change in hormone production through nutrition and high intensity exercise. These simple changes recondition your hormonal system completely. Your hormones are quickly brought back into balance and your blood sugar metabolism is stabilized. As a result, your diabetes is healed. It is gone. As you maintain this newly reconditioned body, the diabetes will remain gone for good!

As you can see curing disease versus healing disease are two vastly different approaches to healthcare. It is far more beneficial to seek healing rather than continually chase down symptoms and treat them with expensive drugs and medical procedures. Your body is designed to heal itself. It does not need a cure, it simply needs no interference to its natural and innate healing abilities.  


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