30 Awesome Anti-Aging Tips to Enhance Your Youth

Anti-aging is big business. Americans spend $20 Billion every year just on cosmetics hoping to turn back the clock. Research shows that adopting a wellness lifestyle provides amazing youth enhancing effects. Here are 30 awesome anti-aging tips that you can include in your wellness lifestyle without spending an extra dime.

Anti-aging Fountain of Youth

Of course, the search for youth is not new. Ponce De Leon thought that he had discovered the mythical Fountain of Youth in Saint Augustine, FL in 1513. I have been there and drank the waters. I can tell you that there is nothing youth enhancing about it!

As the baby boomers continue to age, there is more and more attention on anti-aging. Just today, Google announced the launch of their anti-aging company called Calico. This company will certainly blend anti-aging healthcare and technology. That means expensive remedies. However, restoring health and supporting youthfulness does not have to cost you your life savings. These 31 anti-aging tips will not deplete your wallet and may even leave more cash in it.

5 Stress Management Tips to Conquer Stress & Restore Your Health

Stress is deadly. In fact, stress is the underlying cause of all disease. It may be stress to your arteries leading to a heart attack, stress on the cells of your body producing cancer or stress on your endocrine system leading to diabetes. The fact is that stress is a part of life. You must learn respond to stress effectively in order to avoid the natural consequences of stress – sickness and deadly disease. Follow these 5 stress management tips to become virtually immune to the damaging effects of stress.


3 Keys to Weight Loss & Achieving the Life You Want

Your mindset affects every aspect of your well being, including your weight loss abilities. Maintaining a Wellness Mindset is vital to achieving wellness and maximizing the results of your weight loss. The thoughts you think have the ability to catapult you to success and amazing levels of wellness. However, your thoughts can also destroy your mindset, preventing you from ever reaching success in life and crippling your efforts to lose weight and achieve wellness. Your mental wellness is governed by your thought patterns, your self talk, your mental outlook, as well as your interpersonal relationships.

Weight Loss Success

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Let’s look at three key areas that help you create a powerful, wellness mindset for weight loss. Whether it is weight loss or achieving a higher level of wellness that you desire, this mindset will create a drive that propels you to amazing success. You may not have associated these habits with weight loss before; however, these three keys can be used in your daily life in such a way that your mind will begin to create a shift in your body’s metabolic rate.

4 Keys To Unlocking A Wellness Mindset

Your mindset – what you set your mind on – affects every aspect of your well being. Maintaining a Wellness Mindset is vital to achieving wellness. The thoughts you think have the ability to catapult you to success and amazing levels of wellness. However, your thoughts can also destroy your mindset, preventing you from ever reaching success in life and crippling your efforts to achieve wellness.

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The great news is that you have total control over this area of your life. Which direction you go is completely up to you. You can choose limiting and destructive thoughts that produce limited results and destructive lifestyle patterns. Conversely, you can choose to create a wellness mindset with uplifting and empowering thoughts. You may not realize it but you make this choice thousands of times each and every day.

My Father’s Handiwork

Walking out to my car this morning, I glimpsed a beautifully radiant orange glow that appeared to be emanating from underneath my vehicle.  I looked up and caught sight a beautiful sunrise.  I am sure that this video does not even do justice to the beauty, warmth and radiance that I experienced as I took a few minutes out of my morning to enjoy this sight.

Sunrise Through The Palmettos

I was reminded of how often we tend to go through our days oblivious to the beauty that is all around us.  I happen to live in Florida and, I believe, I have the opportunity to view some amazingly beautiful sights every single day. However, as I took in this sight, hearing nothing other than the chirping of birds, and the occasional, soft rustling of the wind, my mental outlook began to change. I was uplifted. I was encouraged. I smiled.

I hope that today, regardless of where you live, you will pause for a moment and take in the beauty of God’s creation that is all around you! Our Father’s handiwork is amazing and beautiful to behold.

Father's Handiwork

Sunrise and Palms