Dr. Brent HunterWellness Achiever is a resource for those seeking to live a lifestyle of optimal wellness from the inside out. It stems from a desire I have to fully express my personal and professional experience with health and wellness in order to help more people achieve their goals in life. It seems that so many people have great big dreams, desires, and visions for their lives but they are side lined by a lack of vitality – that energy that animates our lives and enables us to make our visions and dreams a reality.

The content here is published by Dr. Brent Hunter. I am a Chiropractic physician with a focus on delivering the principles of a wellness lifestyle to people of all ages through whole-person wellness education.

The goal of my Chiropractic care is the removal physical interference from your body’s innate healing ability. You were born with an amazingly perfect ability to heal yourself; however, you are not able to express this healing when physical interference in your nervous system – primarily Vertebral Subluxation – exists. Your nervous system controls and coordinates all of your body’s function and healing. It was expressly designed for this purpose. Removing interference through Chiropractic care restores your body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

I have found, through years of practice, that interference to healing may also exist in our physical lifestyles, in our thinking patterns, and in our spiritual lives. When these sources of interference are disregarded, our potential for full healing and optimal wellness is hindered. That is why education about the cause and prevention of disease, real health, and achieving optimal wellness is a vital part of my practice, my personal lifestyle, and the primary focus of Wellness Achiever.

This blog is an outlet for these amazing concepts in the field of health and healing. I know that your investment of time here will bless your life and help you achieve your dreams and visions for your life as well!

Dr. Brent Hunter


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