Healing Cancer Naturally – Resources And Stories

In my last post, I featured a story about Eli Lilly’s drug patent dispute over their blockbuster lung cancer drug, Alimta. When I first read about this story, I have to admit, I was infuriated!  It is always upsetting to me to see the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry take advantage of emotionally vulnerable cancer patients, all for huge profits! Now, Lilly is using ‘nutrition’ – not to heal cancer but to prop up their profits.

Lilly’s Lung Cancer Drug Requires Vitamins To Reduce Death Rate

Alimta, Eli Lilly’s cash cow drug for lung cancer treatment is under attack. Interestingly, Lilly is attempting to defend Alimta’s patent with vitamins! Vitamins are typically discouraged when taking chemotherapy because they interfere with the effectiveness of the drug. Alimta is different. This lung cancer drug requires vitamin treatment. Why? To prevent the drug from killing too many patients before they can cash in!

lung cancer treatment and monet

ObamaCare Is About Money Not Health; Implied Obama

President Obama has been increasingly ramping up his campaigning efforts for his ObamaCare healthcare plan. The Obama administration expects to fully realize their dream of ‘affordable healthcare’ by 2014. However, there is not much in this gargantuan bill about caring for our health. Several key provisions of ObamaCare have been pushed backed. Delayed provisions, such as the employer mandate and the caps on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, have more to do with economic implications than they do with actual health care.

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This weekend, Obama used his weekly radio/YouTube address to bolster support for ObamaCare while demeaning those in congress working against his efforts. It has been continually obvious from President Obama’s message that ObamaCare has nothing to do with real health care. This weekend’s address was no exception.

4 Keys To Unlocking A Wellness Mindset

Your mindset – what you set your mind on – affects every aspect of your well being. Maintaining a Wellness Mindset is vital to achieving wellness. The thoughts you think have the ability to catapult you to success and amazing levels of wellness. However, your thoughts can also destroy your mindset, preventing you from ever reaching success in life and crippling your efforts to achieve wellness.

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The great news is that you have total control over this area of your life. Which direction you go is completely up to you. You can choose limiting and destructive thoughts that produce limited results and destructive lifestyle patterns. Conversely, you can choose to create a wellness mindset with uplifting and empowering thoughts. You may not realize it but you make this choice thousands of times each and every day.

Alternative Medicine Is Not Wellness

You may be surprised to hear me say that alternative medicine is not wellness. As you read this article, it may seem like a minor point however, it is very important. Without this distinction, it becomes very easy to lose sight of true health and makes it difficult to achieve wellness. In our society, increasingly overwhelmed by information, we can easily be misinformed and begin to confuse concepts and ideas. Clarifying these two related, yet distinct, concepts will give you a better understanding of real health and help you in your journey to wellness.

Innate Healing Power of Your Body: Medical Proof

You are a natural born healer! What? You didn’t know that? Indeed, even before you breathed your first breath, you were designed with an amazing innate healing ability that allows your body to heal all disease!  Yes, it’s true!  Your body is fully equipped to heal everything from a cut on your hand to cancer in your colon and everything in between. That is, as long as there is no interference.

Innate Healing

In fact, we have all witnessed this amazing healing in action on many occasions throughout are lives. Think about the last time you cut your finger.  Maybe you were distracted by your computer screen as you reached across your desk for a piece of paper and then – suddenly – felt that all too familiar intense, burning pain of a paper cut. You snatched your hand back and looked at the paper you were reaching for to see what had bitten you but nothing was there except the faint red tinge of your blood. You look at your finger and see a tiny, little slice in your skin. You think: “Holy cow! How can such a tiny cut bring such sharp pain!” (Or maybe your words are a little more explicit!)

Dangers of Cortisone Injections

A Cortisone injection is a commonly prescribed treatment for people with chronic joint pain such as neck pain, low back pain, hip pain and shoulder pain. It is also commonly prescribed for nerve pain problems such as sciatica. Simply because a treatment is commonly prescribed; however, does not mean that it is safe.

Cortisone Injections

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Certainly, no medical procedure is without potential side effects. Sometimes, medical drugs achieve their desired effect; however, there is always at least one undesirable co-effect for the patient to contend with. All medical drugs have side effects, many of which are extremely dangerous and can be worse than the symptom that the drug is intended to treat. Some side effects are even life threatening. Cortisone injections are no exception.

Busting The Top 4 Exercise Myths

If you have struggled with exercise, you are not alone! According to statistics from the CDC(1), only 20.7% of people exercise like they should and less than one third of the America’s youth is even fit for military service.  As a result, 68.5% of adults are overweight or obese.  We all have many excuses for not exercising or not exercising as much or as often as we should. These excuses have become firmly ingrained in our own minds in the collective mind of our society.


However, upon inspection, we see that these excuses for not exercising are nothing more than exercise myths. When you apply these myths to yourself, you are actually lying to yourself.  These are actually lies about exercise that we tell ourselves but you need to understand the truth so that you can restore your health and achieve an amazing level of wellness!