Heart Disease And The Cholesterol Myth

It has been thought that elevated cholesterol causes death from heart attacks and strokes. Once cholesterol was identified as the enemy, a full scale war was launched to reduce cholesterol levels no matter the cost. Some drug companies have even gone so far as to suggest that statin (cholesterol lowering) drugs should be added to our water supply like fluoride!


My Father’s Handiwork

Walking out to my car this morning, I glimpsed a beautifully radiant orange glow that appeared to be emanating from underneath my vehicle.  I looked up and caught sight a beautiful sunrise.  I am sure that this video does not even do justice to the beauty, warmth and radiance that I experienced as I took a few minutes out of my morning to enjoy this sight.

Sunrise Through The Palmettos

I was reminded of how often we tend to go through our days oblivious to the beauty that is all around us.  I happen to live in Florida and, I believe, I have the opportunity to view some amazingly beautiful sights every single day. However, as I took in this sight, hearing nothing other than the chirping of birds, and the occasional, soft rustling of the wind, my mental outlook began to change. I was uplifted. I was encouraged. I smiled.

I hope that today, regardless of where you live, you will pause for a moment and take in the beauty of God’s creation that is all around you! Our Father’s handiwork is amazing and beautiful to behold.

Father's Handiwork

Sunrise and Palms

The Source of Life Changing Power – Escaping the Zombie Apocalypse! (Part 2)

How is a spiritually dead person made spiritually alive?  What is the source of this life changing power?  It is the Power of God that we receive by grace through faith in Christ Jesus.  This is the source of victory over spiritual death and the key to our spiritual well-being.

Do Drugs Heal?

Are you taking drugs for high blood pressure or cholesterol? You are certainly not alone. Heart disease strikes over 81 million and is responsible for one out of every three deaths (American Heart Association). Drugs are the most common treatment choice. Hypertension, high blood pressure, is a form of heart disease and it increases your risk for heart attack and stroke.  This is a very dangerous problem that affects many people and has ended many lives far too early.  If you have high blood pressure, or are unsure, your question should be – why do I have high blood pressure and how can my body heal from high blood pressure?

Well Confused About Wellness

Are you confused about wellness? You are not alone. What is wellness anyway?  Isn’t wellness just another word for health?  Why should you even care?  Let’s spend a few minutes together and discover how to get the most out of your life by adopting a powerful wellness lifestyle.

Which Way to Wellness? (Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)
Wellness is a buzzword today.  Everybody seems to be talking about wellness and every consumer seems to be searching for wellness services and products.  In an effort to cater to this demand of the consumer, retailers, service providers, and various physicians have amassed a huge array of products and information – some worthy, and some not so worthy.  However, it seems that this has certainly added to the confusion about this seemingly bewildering concept.  In fact, a Google search for the word wellness produces over 275 million results!  Due to the voluminous – and often precarious –  nature of information on the internet, one could potentially spend hours, days, and even weeks researching the concept of wellness and end up only more confused.

I intend to shed some much needed light on this subject and show you just why wellness is vitally important to your daily life.