10 Timeless Truths of Health and Healing

Every year, there is a new fad diet, exercise craze and blockbuster drug. They often gain varying amounts of popularity, yet most eventually fall by the wayside. 200 years from now, it is unlikely that our great, great, great… grandchildren will be following the South Beach Diet, doing CrossFit or taking statin drugs. These health trends will be swallowed up by history.

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Yet, there are absolute truths of health and healing that never change. They are foundational. The more we choose to build our lifestyle around these foundations, the more lasting results we will experience in our health and healing.

Timeless Truths of Health and Healing

1. You are designed to heal.

Your body is a self healing, self repairing, biomechanical machine. This fact is well known in medical science. Yet, the energy that empowers and guides this healing – while recognized – is yet to be quantified. This healing energy is not merely a chemical and mechanical force either. It carries with it the intelligence your body needs to complete every aspect of healing from clotting blood to repairing a wound and killing cancer cells.

2. Your nerve system controls and coordinates your body’s innate healing ability.

Intelligent, healing energy travels along your nerves from your brain to every single cell of your body. This is the mediator of the mind-body connection.

3. Your body is always seeking to heal and repair itself.

It will do so efficiently and completely as long as there is no interference to that healing process – especially, no interference to the nervous system.

4. Interference to your body’s ability to competently send nerve signals from your brain to your the cells of your body impairs your ability to heal.

This interference is most common at the point where the delicate nerves exit the central nervous system – between the bones of your spine. At this point, your nerves are most vulnerable to stress. Misalignment of the vertebrae (spinal bones) leads to both physical and chemical irritation of the nerves – a condition called vertebral subluxation. It is the specialty of the chiropractic physician to identify and correct vertebral subluxation in order to remove this interference to healing. This is an integral part of healing and must not be overlooked.

5. Interference to healing results from several other sources of stress as well.

  • Chemical stress from toxicity causes disease and prevents your body from efficiently healing. Toxicity abounds in our modern society. Sources of toxicity range from medical drugs to chemicals in processed foods, personal care products and environmental pollutants.
  • Lack of proper nutrition in your diet also causes chemical stress which leads to disease and impairs healing.
  • Mental and emotional stress has many causes ranging from lack of sleep and unhealthy mindsets to relationship problems and chemical imbalances. However, this stress negatively affects your nervous system, your hormones, and your innate healing.

6. If not removed or mitigated, these stresses can cause a limitation of matter.

This is a  permanent impairment in your body or mind. These limitations of matter hamper your potential for healing.

7. Innate healing is restored when these stresses are successfully removed.

When these stresses are removed from your mindset, your nervous system, environment and diet, your body will innately return to a state of maximum healing.

8. Healing is a result of lifestyle choices.

Bad health does not result from bad luck or bad genes. It results from bad choices. Likewise, choosing to remove these disease-causing stresses and honor your body’s innate healing ability produces a lifestyle marked by abundant health and wellness.

9. Health is an individual responsibility.

You have the innate ability to heal but it requires the discipline to make daily lifestyle choices that honor that healing.

10. Parents must take on this responsibility for their children.

Parents must make these decisions for their children and constantly model and teach them how to honor their body’s innate healing. It is our responsibility to investigate every decision about medications, vaccinations, diet and education.

It is easy to become confused about health and healing in a world filled with so many passing fads. However, time has proven that a lifestyle built on these strong foundations will last. It will provide happiness, health and healing that will endure.


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